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Welcome to Jackal-Berry Canvas. Jackal-Berry was founded in April 2001 and for the past 12 years has been owned and managed by Charmaine Bollaert and Danie Mioch. We are now proud to introduce three new members to the Jackal-Berry family, Richard Wands, Jonathin Reid and Richard Bollaert who add a wide range of expertise and experience to an already exceptional operation.

Our journey began 13 years ago manufacturing high quality canvas seat covers for a wide range of motor vehicles. Since then, the demand for our products grew rapidly and so did the need for a wider range of canvas products, which are capable of withstanding the roughest African terrain. In response, we launched a wide range of high quality canvas accessories which can be viewed in our shop. We have continued to expand our range of products to, what is today, an extensive range of products.

We use a variety of cotton based canvas when developing our products and carefully selected depending on its intended use. For example, for our seat covers, we prefer to use a cotton based canvas which, although tough, is much more breathable than its counterpart, waterproof canvas, which is more suited to products which will be exposed to the elements.

Cotton based canvas is fully washable which is a must for a product which is intended for daily use, such as seat covers.

We also welcome our clients into our factory based in Randburg where we sell directly to the public. It can also be beneficial to visit us when a more personal touch to a product is desired as you can hand select certain finishes.

For more information, please do no hesitate to contact us.